5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Exterior Shower

11/11/2021 – Blog

Homeowners know how important it is to find a way to keep your home clean and tidy. One of the best ways that I know of is an exterior shower. They are perfect for those times when you need to wash off from outdoor activities.

Outdoor showers are designed to be installed outside of your home or business and are perfect for those who want a quick rinse-off before heading inside after being out in the sun all day long. In this post, we discuss the five reasons why you should consider an exterior shower for your home.

Reasons to Consider an Exterior Shower

1. It Keeps Your Home Clean

If you do a lot of outdoor activities, then it is likely that your home will get mucky at some point. An exterior shower provides a way for homeowners to wash off the dirt and grime before entering their house. This helps keep germs from being brought into the home as well as reducing any damage on flooring or furniture caused by getting mucky.

The exterior shower also provides a way for any other person besides your family who works outside the home to rinse off before entering. This is especially useful if they have been working in the yard or garden and want to avoid tracking dirt and insects into your house.

2. Ideal for Cleaning Pets and Kids

In case you have pets or children, then an exterior shower can be a lifesaver. It makes it easy to keep the dirt and mud from being brought in when your pet gets wet outside.

Kids love playing outside in puddles and getting dirty with animals so having a place where they can clean themselves off before going inside is also really nice. This way, they don’t track dirt and mud through the house.

3. You Will Connect with The Beauty of The Outdoors While Cooling Off

Exterior showers make it easy for homeowners to enjoy the beauty of their swimming pool, hot tub, or garden. These areas often get dirty and an exterior shower provides a way to quickly rinse off without having to go inside. This is especially great on those days where you just want to cool off after working in your outdoor space all day long.

4. Gives Your Home A Beach-Like Feeling

Nothing says summer like the beach and coastal living. Many times people want to bring a little bit of this feeling into their homes so they can enjoy it while staying dry inside on those rainy days. An exterior shower is designed with several features that give off a relaxed and sandy-like feel including:

  • A simple construction without any complicated plumbing.
  • A wall-mounted exterior shower head for a similar look to hanging your towel on a beach cabana.
  • The option of using outdoor water-saving misting nozzles so you can enjoy the feeling without wasting too much water.

These features add up to give your home that perfect coastal summer feels that you can enjoy even in the middle of winter.

5. It Is an Ideal Clean Up and Changing Area for The Pool

A pool house is a great way to have an enclosed space for all of your activities near the water. However, it can get really dirty, and sometimes you just need to rinse it off before going in.

An exterior shower attached at one end of your pool house makes a perfect changing area so anyone who wants a quick splash-off has a place to do it. It also provides a nice clean-up area after you get out of the pool and need to rinse off before going inside your home.

Tips To Keep Your Exterior Shower Clean

If your exterior shower is outdoors, then you will need to keep it clean for it to remain functional. Here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Keep the area around your outdoor shower free of any debris
  • Clean off dirt and debris after each use
  • Use a daily spray of water to remove buildup
  • Hire a professional to help with maintenance.


Exterior showers provide homeowners with several benefits that make them ideal for their outdoor space and activities. They are easy to install, come in many styles, and can easily be attached or removed when not needed.

Contact us here at Outdoor Shower Company today to find the perfect exterior shower for your space!


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