6 Accessories for Your Outdoor Shower

You’ve officially decided you want an outdoor shower for your home or business. Now, you want to know how to make it more beautiful and functional. Finding the right accessories for your outdoor shower can make all the difference.  Your outdoor shower will go from being something you barely use, to an integral part of your home. 

If you’re still deciding where to start, there are countless great ideas to make sure your outdoor shower is perfect for you. It’s important to choose the right material, get your plumbing in order and to ensure that you take great care of your outdoor shower. 

Once you have the basics down and decided, here is a list of a few accessories that can make your outdoor shower all the more useful. 

Convenient Drinking Fountain

A perfect outdoor shower accessory is a drinking fountain is very practical and easy to install, takes up almost no space, and ensures that no one will go thirsty on those hot summer days. If you have children, you know it can be hard to convince them to stop playing in order to hydrate. This convenient accessory will help make hydration an easy choice for you and your kids.

Mobile Hand Spray

Hand sprays can be a particularly useful addition to your outdoor shower. They allow you to shower off your kids or your dogs without getting wet yourself. Or at the very least, staying more dry than you would without it.

Hand sprays are also useful for rinsing sporting gear or other equipment after a day outdoors. If you live near the beach, this accessory is especially useful. When you return from a sandy, salty day, it’s important to rinse everything before storing. Things like tents, folding chairs, surfboards, kayaks, and paddles all need cleaning before going into storage to keep your gear in good working condition.

These detachable sprays are also useful for showering while sitting and help with cleaning hard to reach places better. Sitting on a stool and just pouring warm water on your feet after a long hike is a relaxing experience. Showering without getting your hair wet is also easier if you have the option to use a hand spray. Rinsing the back of your legs or just from the ankle down is an easy option with this accessory. 

Foot Shower

A foot shower is almost a must anywhere that has mud or sand nearby. That way, whenever lunch is ready, everybody can keep dirt outside the house by cleaning their feet first, without having to get completely wet by getting a shower as well. Keeping sand off your house and your car is remarkably easier whenever a foot shower is nearby.

Hose Bib as an Outdoor Shower Accessory

Installing a hose bib on your shower greatly increases their versatility. Hose bibs can be used for an almost endless list of activities.

If your shower is on your pier or near your boathouse, it can be used to connect your pressure washer and clean your boat. It can be used to create your own water slides! Simply add a tarp, dish soap, and water for a day of fun. Cleaning your car, connecting sprinklers, filling water balloons, and countless other activities become easy with this simple attachment! 

One of our all-time favorite uses for the hose bib is a faucet waterer for dogs. It saves you from having to refill your pup’s bowl, and allows Fido access to water at all times!

Hot Water for Your Outdoor Shower

Nothing beats the feeling of a warm shower at the end of a long day of work (or fun). Adding hot water to your outdoor shower can significantly enhance the experience. It will also allow you to use it more easily into the colder months.

If you don’t feel like installing a water heater, a water tank can serve as a good compromise. Installing an outdoor black water tank can help you warm water up by simply using the sun to heat it.

The good news is that this approach doesn’t need electricity, nor installing a second water pipe and valves. The sun simply warms the water inside the tank up so that when you use it, it’ll be warm until it runs out.

Enclosure or Privacy Screen

Installing an outdoor shower enclosure or privacy screen allows you to shower naked while outdoors. That is a great way to keep all the dirt from your outdoor adventures outside your house. Also, some people just prefer to shower under the sun, and being able to disrobe completely while maintaining privacy is a great feature.

An enclosure also allows you to build storage around your shower. Store all the shampoo and soap you need outside so you can shower comfortably without having to fetch anything from inside your home.

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