Are you Dreaming of an Outdoor Shower Kit?

You dream of an outdoor shower kit, because after a day at the beach, you come home, and it doesn’t matter how well you and your family clean your feet, always you find sand in your home. Or you love gardening, and at the end of the day, you are sweaty and dirty, and you want to get into your house fresh and clean.

Probably you have a pool in your backyard and need to wash that chlorine off to put an end to the puddled entryway to your home. Or maybe you want to give yourself a rest from cleaning mud after your kids and pets have been out playing. Or you want to have some fun with family and friends. The reason doesn’t matter; you want to install an outdoor shower kit.

What exactly is an outdoor shower kit?

A shower kit is a shower fixture integrated to a prefabricated ready to install a shower enclosure. You can buy it as several pieces that fit together. The parts that compose a kit are the shower fixture, siding panels, front door, and the shower base. They can be stand-alone or wall-based. Sometimes they include the showerhead and tap fittings. In other cases, you have to buy them separately.

Outdoor shower kits are easy to assemble because the parts fit together. They are modular so that you can rearrange the sides. They are made from natural materials, like humidity-resistant wood, or paintable PVC.

An outdoor shower kit adjusts to your particular needs because you decide the complexity of the project. They can go from a simple stand-alone outdoor shower to a complex project, including unique landscaping. The price of your outdoor shower project can go from $ 1,000 to more than $ 10,000.


outdoor shower kit

The first thing that you have to consider is the location. It is essential because you don’t want to install it away from the spots that you use the most. For instance, an adequate place is near the back entrance to your home. If you have a pool, the shower should be near it for rinsing off before and after swimming. It would be best if you considered placing it somewhere under the sunlight. This location will take care of the mold and keep you warm while you shower. Another consideration is locating the shower taking advantage of nature, such as a view.




Privacy is an important consideration; most people realize that they can use a little privacy after they have installed the shower. The available outdoor shower kit options go from a freestanding folding screen to a closed enclosure with doors. There is a trade-off between keeping this feature private and enjoying the natural outdoors feeling. If you have space, an excellent way to keep the shower private and have the outdoor feeling is to surround the area with a hedge.

Outdoor shower kit accessories

outdoor shower kit

You can give comfort and pleasure to the showering experience, adding some accessories. For instance, installing a large rainfall showerhead gives you a real outdoor feeling. Also, you can do some creative landscaping around the shower space to provide it with a resort-like atmosphere. A good idea would be to install solar lights in the area for showering at night under the stars, to build upon that feeling. Accessorizing your outdoor shower can go from adding some hooks for your cloth and towels to installing a bathtub. Last but not least, are the different models of high-quality outdoor showers that will make your kit stand out. See all the options here.


Unlesss you are going to install an outdoor shower attached to a garden hose, plumbing is a thing that you should consider. In most cases, you should take advantage of existing plumbing. Like when it is attached to the outer wall of a bathroom. From there, the project can scale in complexity and costs. The farther away the selected spot is from the house plumbing, the more expensive. This option is worth the investment if you live in a place with no freezing winter and that you think of using it as the center of your leisure time. In the first case, you have to make sure that you drain the plumbing to prevent its bursting.


As in plumbing, the simplest solution is to take advantage of the existing drainage in your backyard. If the location of your outdoor shower is close to your home, you should make sure that the water doesn’t sip into the ground, because it might affect your house structure. In this case, the best option will be to attach the plumbing to the drainage pipes of your home. If it isn’t possible, consider installing a rock drain, which is a trench filled with gravel containing a perforated pipe that channels the water to an existing drainage area.

Outdoor shower kit installation

If you buy a kit that is ready to install, all you need to do it is follow the manufacturer’s instructions and just put it in the place that you have prepared for it. As in plumbing and drainage, depending on the complexity of the task, you can either do it yourself or hire a general contractor with an outdoor shower experience.

Whether you want to have a quick rinse-off or enjoy a resort-like experience, installing an outdoor shower kit will get the job done for you. If you are looking for quality outdoor showers that will last a lifetime and complement your outdoor shower kit, you’ve come to the right place. Ask for it here.


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