Backyard Outdoor Shower Oasis

1. Consider Installing Two Shower Heads

2. Create Your Own Shower Bench


3. Add a Hammock to Your Backyard Outdoor Shower Oasis



4. Replace Your Outdoor Shower Curtain with Glass


5. Paint Your Outdoor Shower Floor


7. Take Design Cues from Your Environment

8. Be Creative with the Lighting

Wood screens with slats add ambiance and style to the place. Also, consider traditional reed walls and thatched roofs for enchanting lighting that gives your outdoor bathroom a sexy look.

You may want to consider using small features from your yard such as rocks or plants in your oasis. Make the most of your landscape by using small rocks to create a path that leads to the shower. If an expensive, extravagant shower isn’t your style, there are many options to DIY your own outdoor shower.

It is important to consider the material used while building your oasis walls. If it rains or snows often where you live, the dry-stack stones would be ideal as they are strong and durable.

Planning for Backyard Outdoor Shower Oasis in Winter

1. Take Advantage of the Off-Season Sales

2. Start with a Basic Structure and Add on Later

 3. Think About the Climate in Which You Live

Make sure to plan ahead and think about what you want in an outdoor shower oasis. It will make the summer months that much more enjoyable. Planning for a backyard outdoor shower oasis in winter is important not only for planning purposes but also because of temperature concerns. At this time, you are better able to assess your needs and create a backup plan so that your backyard shower doesn’t have any problems during the year.

In this article, we give you some ideas on how to create the best backyard shower oasis of your dreams. Turn your outdoor space into a year-round haven with these helpful tips, so get started today.

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