Best Outdoor Shower (Updated 2019)

Looking for the right outdoor shower for your needs and budget can be a challenging task. This guide aims to help you decide which one is right for you.

Types of outdoor showers

We offer quality outdoor showers made with the best materials to ensure durability while working for residential and commercial use. 

Outdoor shower DVA-L1-WMHC-FS

The resistant DVA-L1-WMHC-FS

Our stylish wall-mounted all stainless steel outdoor shower is made with durable materials resistant to corrosion and scratching.

The extra thin shower head gives it a minimalist look that’s very fashionable and elegant.

It features a hand spray, 60” hose for convenience, and a foot shower.

outdoor shower WMHC-756-CP

The budget WMHC-756-CP

If you are on a budget, you may want to consider choosing chrome plating instead of stainless steel.

Chrome plating is more affordable and brighter than stainless steel. However, it is less durable and resistant to corrosion and scratching.

This model is equipped with hot and cold valves to enjoy a warm or cold shower while relaxing outdoors.

If your outdoor shower is going to see very heavy use or be near the ocean, consider going with stainless steel for better longevity.

outdoor shower PS-3400-4X-CHV

The heavy traffic PS-3400-4X-CHV

Equipped with 4 3” showerheads this model is very well suited for locations with very heavy traffic.

People don’t like waiting in line to shower when all they want to do is get in the pool or get cleaned so they can go home.

The top-quality construction guarantees it can keep up with the heaviest of uses and withstand the abuse of hundreds of users daily.

It is equipped with an accessories valve, a hose bibb, and a foot shower resulting in an extremely versatile and useful outdoor shower that’s really easy to clean.

outdoor shower WM-442-PCV

The water waste eliminator WM-442-PCV

Pull chain showers are a good choice when concerned about water consumption for environmental reasons, cost, or water availability. Curious to see how much water you use on average? Click here to discover your water footprint.

This model might be a little less comfortable than a regular valve. It reduces water waste when users forget to close the valve after using the shower.

The stainless steel design looks very nice in every setting. Whether it be marble or wood, you can’t really go wrong with its elegant aesthetic.

outdoor shower PS-900-ADA

The free-standing PS-900-ADA

If your outdoor area doesn’t have anywhere to mount showers, then you might want to consider free-standing showers.

The high-quality construction is very stylish while fitting almost anywhere with its compact size of only 6” at the base. This outdoor shower is a great option for those with few walls to spare!

Upgraded models from this series come with a hose bibb and a drinking fountain, so you can accessorize your shower to fit your specific needs.

outdoor shower FTA-C40-C

The anti-corrosion FTA-C40-C

Made of the highest quality marine grade stainless steel, this shower is extremely resistant to corrosion. With its mirror finish, you will take your pool or deck aesthetic to the next level.

The 12” showerhead will provide you with plenty of water pressure to enjoy your shower.

The slim 1-⅝” body and ultra-thin showerhead give this shower a minimalist look that’s very appealing.

It’s very unobtrusive and compact, making it a classy choice for any location.

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