Best Outdoor Shower Accessories

Purchasing an outdoor shower might seem a straightforward process, but there’s a lot of customization options that you may not have known existed. Getting the right outdoor shower accessories can considerably increase the amount of use that it will receive.

Adding peripherals to your outdoor shower allows it to suit your needs, here’s a list of the most popular ones:

Hand spray

Adding a hand spray attachment to your outdoor shower can be very useful. It can be used to shower more comfortably, allowing you to clean hard to reach places better. 

If you have little ones, this will also make cleaning them a whole lot easier; since you don’t have to move them around so much, you can just move the showerhead.

It’s also useful to clean gear before storing it, get sand off your surfboard, or dust off of your boots.

Drinking fountain

This one doesn’t need much explanation; do you want to be able to drink water without having to go inside your home? Then this one’s for you. Remember, its important to stay hydrated, especially in the summer.

Hose bibb

Being able to attach a hose to your outdoor shower opens up all kinds of possibilities. You could use it to connect your garden sprinklers, a hose to clean your car or fill up water balloons. The options are endless.

Foot shower

Get that sand and dirt off your feet before getting in your car. Highly recommended for any shower near the beach.

Water tank

A black outdoor water tank can safely store water, which will then be heated by the sun so you can enjoy a warm shower without needing a water heater.

While this isn’t necessarily in the same category as the other outdoor shower accessories, having the ability to shower with warm water can really increase your enjoyment of the shower.

Privacy screen

Installing a privacy screen can make your shower more comfortable since you can fully undress. These screens can be temporary, made of fabric, for example, or permanent wooden structures.

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