The Best Stainless Steel Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Whether indoors or outside, stainless steel faucets are the perfect choice. When designing your new outdoor space, you will need a faucet solution that combines style with function and durability. Stainless still faucets can take center stage with stunning appearances, but ultimately they will provide an efficient, long-lasting way for you to use your water supply.

Outdoor Shower Company has a great line of stainless steel kitchen and bathroom faucets. Whether upgrading an existing space that requires or building from scratch, we can help turn your faucet dreams into reality.

Why choose stainless steel?

Stainless steel faucets are an excellent choice for any indoor or outdoor structure. This is partly thanks to their unmistakable and distinct modern style. While appearances can be important, it’s the efficiency and practicality that ensures these faucets are the best option for any home or business.

Fun fact. A leaking faucet that produces just one drip per second will waste over 3,000 gallons of water per year. 

Stainless steel faucets designed for outdoors will endure years of harsh weather conditions and withstand the wear and tear associated with living near salt water. They will also hold up to tough chemicals, like the chlorine needed to keep your backyard pool sparkling clean.

Features of a good stainless steel faucet

The best options will deliver an extensive range of great features, including but not limited to:

  • Looking fantastic and suiting all surroundings.
  • Remaining resistant to corrosion from external forces.
  • Preventing water from smelling or becoming muddy.
  • Enduring for years, bringing great value for your money.
  • Functioning smoothly, reducing the threat of minor leaks.

Stainless steel kitchen and bathroom faucets will provide a luxury appearance that you fall in love with time and time again. Additionally, a stainless steel faucet will provide the peace of mind that only the best choice can bring. Perfect.

What to look for in kitchen and bathroom faucets 

Deciding to use stainless steel kitchen and bathroom faucet fittings is a great step towards building the outdoor space of your dreams. However, you should know that not all fixtures are the same.

Some fixtures may look like stainless steel, but don’t be misled. Unless it states that they are 304 or 316 stainless steel, these fixtures are probably brass with a plated finish such as chrome or nickel. These finishes will not endure harsh outdoor environments and will need to be replaced fairly often. Also, ceramic disk cartridges are more durable and preferred over rubber washers that aren’t as durable outdoors.

Outdoor faucets also need to be cleaned more frequently than indoor faucets to prevent residue, discoloration, and gunk left after use. A stainless steel cleaner will keep your fixtures looking shiny and new for years to come. As with any other outdoor fixture that has a water supply, faucets should be winterized to prevent pipes from bursting. 

Potential issues with other faucet fixture types

The harsh reality is that an inferior product will deliver inferior results. Even if they look right on the day of installation, a wide range of problems may soon surface, such as:

  • The inferior material loses its esthetic appeal due to adverse weather.
  • You’ll find yourself needing to clean the faucets daily.
  • The faucets start to pull away from the structures.
  • Lever handles and other features become stiff or stuck.
  • You’ll need to replace them far sooner than anticipated.

In short, only the best stainless steel faucets are going to give you the quality you need without sacrificing looks. Therefore, the value of an experienced specialists like those on our wonderful team cannot be emphasized enough – not only for identifying the faucet that will provide the style and functional features you crave but also for ensuring long-term suitability to meet your needs.

Find your dream stainless steel faucet today!

Whether you’re ready to complete the installation or just starting to weigh your options, finding the perfect stainless steel faucets for your project is essential. Our experts are here to help!

Outdoor Shower Company offers many styles and designs for faucets such as lever handles, swivel spouts, and hot & cold water supplies, fixed or swivel one-piece spouts that typically stick straight out over the sink or have a goose-neck shaped design.

To find out more, get in touch today.

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