pallet shower

What is a pallet shower?

With the world moving ever closer to green technology, it is everyone's duty to be as ecofriendly as possible. Reusing old pallets to build beautiful things at home is the new trend. Pallets are used to

outdoor shower kit

Are you Dreaming of an Outdoor Shower Kit?

You dream of an outdoor shower kit, because after a day at the beach, you come home, and it doesn't matter how well you and your family clean your feet, always you find sand in your home. Or you love gardening, and at the end of the

outdoor bathrooms

How to build an outdoor bathroom

There are many things to consider when building an outdoor bathroom. Do you want it to be just a bathroom or to have showers and toilets too? Does it need an enclosure? Does it have a

outdoor shower location ideas

Outdoor shower location ideas

There are many places that can benefit from having an outdoor shower. Here we'll tell you which places would benefit the most and why having an outdoor shower there is a good idea.

When building an outdoor bathroom a privacy screen is essential. The number one concern of bathing outside is giving an accidental show to the neighbors. Here are a few ideas for outdoor privacy screens:

Many people have properties with incredible views, yet for some unknown reason, they have not built outdoor bathrooms to take full advantage of them.

If you are going camping for a couple of days, you'll probably want to take a camping shower with you, but which model is best suited for your trip? We’ll try to help you choose