Build Your Own Surfboard Outdoor Shower

A surfboard outdoor shower is the latest craze out there. Upon seeing the pictures, and you love them. Now you Google surfboard outdoor shower, and you are marveled by the designs of the surfboard showers on sale. Because they are so beautiful, you are tempted to buy one. However, on second thought, the idea of buying one of those boards does not appeal to you. After all, it is a plug-in kit that you purchase, unpack it and plug it in your garden water pipe or hose.

You decide to buy a used longboard.

“It is too easy”, you think, because you want to do something that feels more yours. Then, you decide that the fun does not start when you get your first shower, but in doing it the whole thing yourself. Sometime in the past, you did some surfing. And you want to relive those days by working on the surfboard again. Your longboard has been gone for some time now, so you decide to buy a used one for old time’s sake. You go out and buy a used surfboard in good condition by $ 250.

DIY time

You take the wax off, sand it, and paint it with a beautiful design of your own. Now you are ready to build the shower. After you gave that board a second life, you want a top-quality, stainless steel shower head and fixtures to go with it. You found a model that fits your board perfectly, an outdoor shower with a pulse chain valve. How cool is that?

You have the perfect spot on your backyard where you are going to install your surfboard outdoor shower. It is on the outer wall of the main bathroom where you can take advantage of the bathroom water pipes, and it is close to the garden drainage. You went a little further and made a rock tile floor. You adapt the shower to the board and connect the water pipes to the shower.

Shower time

Now you are all set and ready to enjoy your custom-designed surfboard outdoor shower. Therefore, you have a barbecue and play garden soccer with your friends and kids. After that, shower time!

Make your own story

This is one story; make your own with an old surfboard and the best showers and fixtures around. You put the surfboard, and we put the shower. After that, shower time is going to be a fun time. Find your shower here.

Sources: Strandboards, Surfstationstore

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