Camping Shower: What to Consider When Buying One

If you are going camping for a couple of days, you’ll probably want to take a camping shower with you, but which model is best suited for your trip? We’ll try to help you choose the best one, here are a few things to consider:

The environment 

Will there be rivers nearby? Or just little streams. Is there anywhere to hang a shower from? Having a three to hang it from makes it a whole lot easier than trying to shower, holding it with your hands in a deserted plain.

If there are only small streams available on your trip you might have to use a camping shower with a battery-powered pump, these are lightweight and portable.

The hand spray design allows you to use it even if there’s nothing to hang it from. You can just submerge the pump in a bucket or in the river itself to get the water flowing to the showerhead.

You can go with a portable hangable shower like the one pictured; they are incredibly affordable. These showers can be equipped with solar panels to warm the water up while they are out in the sun.

This very simple design relies on gravity to supply the water pressure. It’s incredibly affordable and lightweight, excellent for hiking trips.

Means of transportation

Camping means different things to different people. You could be hiking the pacific crest trail or just sleeping next to your car in Yellow stone.

If your camping trip is going to have you staying close to your car, then you have more options when choosing showers since you don’t have to haul heavy equipment for miles and miles.

When you are camping next to your car you can use the same portable shower we showed you before and use it with a privacy screen. Some tents are strong enough to give you a stable place to hang the shower from. Showering utterly naked without worrying about prying eyes can be significantly more relaxing.

Luxury and comfort of a camping shower

A warm shower is one of the best luxury civilization has brought us. You can buy a portable shower with a built-in water heater that can bring that luxury into the great outdoors.

 They can pump and heat water simultaneously, and all you need to power them is a car cigarette lighter. Although it is too heavy to take on a hiking trip, it’s still portable enough to take with you on camping trips that stay near your car.

There are many variations in camping shower design, but these are the basic ones. Remember to consider the weight of your gear when planning a camping trip. Being encumbered is an easy way to get injured on the trail, so plan ahead!

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