Can Outside Showers Add Value to Your Home?

Outside showers? Whenever you make any improvements to your home, you want to do it because it improves your property and your life. However, you may also be asking yourself whether the changes that you make improve the value of your home. You might want to sell eventually, or make sure that you can give your next of kin a great inheritance. Knowing that your home improvements will increase the value of your home, or at least won’t decrease it, gives you an extra reason to make the changes. If you’re thinking about getting an outside shower and you’re wondering whether it will add value to your home, this article will answer your question.


The Monetary Value of Outside Shower


When thinking about the value of your home, there are different types of value. The first is purely monetary value. How much would you get for your home if you sold it now? What about if you made changes to it, or if you waited another five years before you sold it? The value of your home isn’t an exact figure, and it can be determined by many factors. But home improvements, including installing an outside shower, could raise the monetary value of your home.


In fact, you might be surprised by just how much an outdoor shower could improve your home’s value. According to, their research revealed that homes with an outside shower had a 97% price-per-square-foot premium. Unique outdoor features can attract buyers who are looking for something different and help a property to stand out when it goes on the market.


This is even more true in some places than in others. While you might expect sunny locations to have more homes with outside showers, they can offer more value in places where they’re less common. In New York state, homes with outdoor showers are listed at 256% more per square foot than others. Having an outside shower is a little like having an extra bathroom, and an extra bathroom or bedroom will always add more value to a property. Of course, the outdoor shower might not be the only contributing factor to higher listing prices.


Combining an outdoor shower with other outdoor features will help to improve the value of your home even further. Barbecues, pools, and fire pits all add value to properties, making them more desirable. In addition to an outside shower, you could install an entire outdoor bathroom, complete with a toilet and perhaps a tub too.


The Value That You Can’t Measure


It’s not just monetary value that matters when you’re thinking about making changes to your home. If you’re thinking about an outside shower, you can also add more value to your life. Improving your quality of life and your happiness can be worth more than whatever monetary value you might add to your home.


But what could an outdoor shower actually do for you? How can it change your life and the way that you use and enjoy your home? When you have an outdoor shower, you could feel like you’re staying in a luxurious resort every day. You can get that vacation feeling, especially when you have other outside features that you can use. When you want a little bit of luxury, installing an outdoor shower could be the perfect way to do it.


If you or your family spend a lot of time outdoors, you might want to clean off a little before going indoors. This is especially true for messy children or even pets, who might get muddy or sandy while playing outdoors. When you have an outside shower, a quick rinse before going inside can keep dirt outside. So not only will it help you to keep your home clean, but it will save you money by protecting the floors.

Luxury Meets Fresh Air


Outside showers can be a fantastic home addition for anyone who likes to luxuriate in the shower. Not only do you get a great view, assuming you have a nice outdoor space, but you also have more space to stretch and move around. You can choose to have an enclosure, or your shower could be free-standing. Either way, when you’re outside, it will feel bigger, even if it’s not.


You could also use your outdoor shower as an extra space for guests. If you’re someone who loves to have people to stay, your home might feel a little crowded if there isn’t enough bathroom space. But an outdoor shower provides a dedicated bathroom space for your guests to use. If you have a full outdoor bathroom, that’s even better. They won’t need to take up space in your indoor bathrooms, and they get some privacy while they’re staying with you.


Even when you don’t have guests during the summer, an outside shower gives you somewhere to cool off. You don’t have to have a pool to keep cool when the sun is scorching, although an outdoor shower can be great for rinsing off from the pool too. If you need to get some relief on a hot day, showering outdoors is the perfect way to get it. Put your shower somewhere shaded so that you can get the full benefit of your shower whenever you want.



When you install an outdoor shower, it can add something special to your daily routine. We all have to shower or bathe regularly, and it can get pretty tedious. If you already enjoy your shower, showering outside could make it even better. Choose a shower design that’s stylish and improves your shower experience. Outdoor showers don’t only need to be for rinsing off before you come inside. You can use them for your daily shower too, and there are all kinds of features that you can add so that it’s a pleasant place to start or end your da


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