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chrome plated

Outdoor showers have a whole line of chrome-plated brass fixtures. Brass is a versatile alloy made from zinc and copper that is affordable, resistant, and durable. Chrome plating is a process where a layer of chromium is electroplated onto a brass object, in this case, a shower fixture.

They Are Affordable

Chrome-plated brass fixtures have a lower price than their stainless steel counterparts do, and they are lighter. Nevertheless, they are corrosion resistant, easy to clean and polish, and resistant to scratches and impacts.

They Can be Combined

You can install chrome-plated brass outdoor shower fixtures as stand-alone or attached to a wall. Many outdoor shower fixtures come with a stainless steel body and chrome-plated brass valves and accessories.

That arrangement gives the body the durability and resistance of stainless steel and guards the not so exposed parts to scratches and impacts. While the chrome-plated brass valves and accessories are highly resistant to oxidation. It is the case of the “Pull Chain Showers,” where the chain, ring, and body are of stainless steel.

Drinking Fountain

A drinking fountain is a nice addition to an outdoor shower to calm your thirst without coming into your home. For instance, if you are gardening, or playing garden soccer.

Hand Spray

You can add a hand spray attachment to your outdoor shower. Not only you can enjoy the shower more, but it comes handy when you have more people using the shower simultaneously.

Hose Bibb

Attaching a hose to your outdoor shower gives you the flexibility to irrigate the garden while showering, or to wash the gardening tool, or the bicycle. It opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Foot Shower

Either to wash the sand and dirt off your feet before getting in your car or to give tour pet a well-deserved shower, a foot shower comes handy every time.


In general, you can obtain the right balance of body, showerhead, valves, and accessories according to your budget and the environment where your shower is going to be located. Get the best chrome-plated outdoor showers and accesories here.

Source: HCS Plating

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