Get Inspired with These Ideas for Outdoor Shower Designs

Looking to get some inspired outdoor shower design ideas? You’ve come to the right place! An outdoor shower, like any other feature in your home, can take on many forms. Apart from the shower itself, you can also think about how to style the enclosure and even consider installing a whole outdoor bathroom. You can choose from lots of styles, from modern outdoor shower designs to forest-inspired spaces with plenty of greenery. You can leave your shower open to the elements, or you could create a more sheltered space where you have some more privacy. Whatever your style is, there’s something for everyone who wants to install an outdoor shower. Try the following ideas for your outdoor shower, and take a look at the range of showers offered by Outdoor Shower Company to see more.


The Shower


When you’re designing an outdoor shower, it makes sense to start with the shower itself. The first thing that you might want to consider is whether to choose a free-standing shower or a wall-mounted shower. One obvious advantage of a free-standing shower is that you can put it where you want, whereas you need to have a wall or post to attach a wall-mounted shower to. Another thing to consider is whether you want to have a hand spray or some other way to directly rinse your feet. This can be convenient if you’re stepping off a sandy beach or just want a bit more control over the spray.


Apart from the basics, there’s the overall design of the shower. Are you looking for a large round showerhead or square showerhead that will give you a wide coverage? Perhaps a concealed showerhead is more to your taste. You can even choose multiple showerheads if you want space for more than one person to shower.


The Enclosure


Adding an enclosure to your outdoor shower gives you privacy and can also give you more freedom to design your shower just how you want it. You could take inspiration from a variety of different enclosure styles, with different materials available to use too. You could have a wooden enclosure in a classic or more modern style, or perhaps try bamboo to form your shower walls. Frosted glass can create privacy while still letting in plenty of natural light, or you might want to build more solid walls for almost an indoor feel instead.


Alternatively, you might not want to have an enclosure that boxes you in. You could have as many walls as you feel that you need for privacy. That could mean having a single screen or one on either side of your shower. Or it might mean being a bit more exposed and creating more space. If you want to make sure you still have plenty of privacy, you can use the rest of your outdoor space to create it. That might be through fencing or perhaps plenty of greenery.


The Roof


You might or might not choose to have a roof over your outdoor shower. Installing a roof can give you even more privacy and extra shelter, or it can just be decorative. If you’re looking for a roof for privacy, you probably want something solid so that it offers you enough cover. An alternative is to have a trellis or pergola with climbing plants, which could also create the cover that you need. Of course, a pergola roof could also look great on its own, although it’s more for aesthetics than for creating privacy.


Your roof could be clear, using glass or another transparent material that lets lots of light in. Shingles are also an option, giving you a proper roof that could even match the roof of your home. The roof could also be flat or slanted, depending on what sort of style you want. It might extend from the main wall of the enclosure, or you could have an A-shaped roof. While a roof isn’t essential, it can add an extra something to your outdoor shower design.


The Floor


What about the floor of your outdoor shower? You want somewhere comfortable to stand, particularly if you’re showering with bare feet. The floor needs to provide some grip so that you’re not in danger of slipping when it’s wet. You also need to think about the drain to make sure that your shower water runs off and doesn’t just collect in one place. There are a few options for drainage, including connecting to drainage and installing a dry well or French drain. You’ll need to check how porous your soil is if you want to do either of the latter options.


When you’re thinking about materials for your outdoor shower floor, your main choices are weather-resistant wood such as redwood, cyprus, and teak.  A smooth stone, tile, or concrete, are also excellent options. Whichever material you choose, it should be non-slip, and it should be designed to survive getting wet and being outdoors. You don’t want to have to replace the floor in only a few years.


Outdoor Shower Ideas, Accessories and Additions


Once the main elements of your outdoor shower design have been decided, you can think about any other additions too. Perhaps you want to expand the concept of an outdoor shower and have an entire outdoor bathroom. You could have a tub and faucet so that you can bathe outdoors and even add a toilet too. But if you don’t want a full outdoor bathroom, you can still choose some accessories to enhance your outdoor shower.


One option is to add a hand spray attachment so that you can reach everywhere more easily. You could add a drinking fountain so that you can get a drink when it’s hot out without going back indoors. With a hose bibb, you have the ability to attach a hose to your outdoor shower or with a water tank, you could have warm water heated by the sun to use for your showers.


You have complete control over how your shower looks and should think about every element of it before you decide what it’s going to look like. Hopefully, these outdoor shower ideas are a great place for you to start!


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