How to build an outdoor shower using PVC pipe

outdoor shower PVC pipe

Building an outdoor shower using PVC pipe is a fun and simple DIY project for your backyard. As PVC gets heated by the sun, it warms the water inside of it up and allows you to get warm showers without the use of a water heater. Here we’ll explain what you need to build one.


The materials you’ll need for your PVC pipe outdoor shower are the following:

  • 1 6″ black PVC pipe, 85″ in length
  • 2 6″ PVC pipe cap
  • PVC cement for hot water
  • 1 Showerhead
  • Hose bibb connector
  • 1 Pull chain valve
  • Stainless steel pipe (Depending on which shower head and valve you bought)

Additionally, depending on where you want to install it, you’ll have to either mount it to a wall or use a base to mount it on the floor.


This design is pretty straightforward. You can start by drilling holes on the tube to install the showerhead and the hose bibb. You’ll have to install the hose bibb on the backside of the shower. This connector will be used to fill the pipe with water once everything’s assembled.

On the top frontal side of the shower, you’ll install the showerhead and pull chain valve. Use a bit of stainless steel pipe to separate the chain valve from the PVC pipe, then connect the valve and the showerhead in that order. This will allow the water to flow whenever you pull on the chain.

Once everything is assembled, apply the cement and allow a full day for it to dry. Then you’ll have to mount it to a wall or the floor. This guide doesn’t cover that part because the possibilities for mounting are endless, depending on your specific circumstances.

freedom outdoor shower enclosure

The PVC pipe works as a solar-heated water tank

A pipe of that length will hold about 5 gallons of water. Which, if outdoors and under the sun, will warm-up gradually as the day progresses. Black PVC retains heat pretty well, so you should be able to get a warm shower even after the sun has been gone for a while.

If this project seems like too much work, you can always just check our outdoor shower catalog here.

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