How to Build an Outdoor Shower That’s Right for You

When you are about to build an outdoor shower, it is best to plan. We’ve set this little guide to help you determine what you need.

First thing’s first

First, you’ll need to determine if you have somewhere to mount it, like a tree or a wall.

If the answer is no, then you’ll need to use a free-standing shower, which can be more expensive than their wall-mounted counterparts.

Durability and materials when building an outdoor shower

You’ll then have to decide how durable you want your outdoor shower to be. This decision should take into account how much traffic the shower will see and how close to the sea it is.

Taking these factors into consideration, you will be able to accurately determine whether you should get:

  • A stainless steel outdoor shower, which is more expensive but significantly more durable.
  • A chrome-plated outdoor shower, which is considerably cheaper and more decorative.
  • If corrosion and scratching are not issues that concern you, going with chrome plating might be the best choice for you.
  • It will save you money without detracting from the stylish look of your pool or patio.

Hot or cold?

Choosing if you want hot and cold water should be your next step to consider.

You can buy an outdoor shower with both valves and connect it to a line with a water heater, or you could choose to go with a single inlet shower to save money if you enjoy cold showers.

Alternatively, you could install a black outdoor water tank so that when you shower, you’ll get a few minutes of warm water courtesy of the sun.

Outdoor shower accessories and add-ons

Lastly, you should accessorize your shower to fit your needs. You could add a hose bibb, a drinking fountain, a foot shower, or a hand spray.

When you want to build an outdoor shower, the sky’s the limit, so make it your own!

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