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One of the things we pride ourselves on at Outdoor Shower Company is how adaptable the showers are for all our customers’ needs.

We make shower kits for a wide range of residential and commercial purposes. Our showers are common at private pools, and also necessary at commercial locations like hotels, resorts, water parks and multi-family housing arrangements. We do not believe that one size fits all. 

The kits provide everything needed for installation of your outdoor showers, from the shower heads to the bolts and brackets. We even include Teflon tape. The showers are easy to install and connect to standard 1/2″ water supply lines. Some clients prefer their outdoor showers to be concealed like their indoor showers, plumbing hidden with only the valves and head coming out of the wall. While some prefer exposed showers, with the pipes openly displayed. There are others that might prefer a shower attached to a structure, while others want a free-standing, stand alone unit. We have kits to meet all of these preferences, and of course we also make showers that are ADA compliant. 

A look at one of our kits

As an example, look at one of our more popular models, #WMHC-445-DLX-FS-SS. This shower kit has options for hand and foot shower valves in addition to the overhead shower. Many of the components are modifiable to fit the client’s needs and dimensions, and it’s made of the finest stainless steel. The length of the main riser can be cut down to custom size and the installation location can be modified to accommodate all different heights. This shows our dedication to customization: we build showers with everything and everyone in mind, including the height of the people who will be using them most regularly.

At Outdoor Shower Company, we sell a variety of shower units and shower kits for all types of applications. We have specialized kits for pools, beaches, vacation homes, multi-family complexes, resorts, gardens, playgrounds, pet washes, campgrounds, and more. Additionally, we provide a number of features with our showers, including hot & cold valves, ADA compliant valves, pull chain valves, hose bibbs, foot showers, attached drinking fountains, and hand spray hoses. Finally, we have a variety of shower heads, from 1” to 13”, as well as WaterSense® shower heads to meet compliance codes in states like California. 

And if you need something and don’t see it, please feel free to contact us. We will do everything we can to ensure that your outdoor shower unit is exactly what you need it to be. 

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