Outdoor Bathrooms: Why You Should Get One

Many people have properties with incredible views, yet for some unknown reason, they have not built outdoor bathrooms to take full advantage of them.

An outdoor bathroom can be incredibly relaxing. Something about being naked under a beautiful sky can help us rinse off the stress of our everyday lives.


Most people worry about their privacy being violated when using an outdoor shower. However, there are many ways to build privacy screens without severing that bond with nature. If you want some ideas for privacy screens and enclosures, you can see some of our suggestions here.

Simulated outdoors bathroom

Perhaps the weather in your property isn’t all that friendly to an outdoor bathroom, you can still build one that simulates the experience by using a full glass wall. This will allow you to bathe while you enjoy nature, even in the coldest or rainiest day.

If you need help designing your simulated outdoor bathroom and choosing the right window treatment for it, our friends over at Chattanooga window treatments can help you create one that’s perfect for you.

Health improvements

Most of us lead a sedentary life in today’s highly technological and globalized world. Not getting enough sunlight will deteriorate your health progressively, since you are not getting enough vitamin D. This is why taking a long bath under the shining sun can bring you health benefits that might you won’t get staring at a computer screen all day.

The social aspect of outdoor bathrooms

Socializing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when the word bathroom is mentioned, but an outdoor hot tub is a perfect place for a social gathering. Who hasn’t dreamed of drinking pina coladas under the sun on a relaxing jacuzzi? while talking with some friends, or even better, a beautiful date?


There are many reasons to own an outdoor bathroom. Connecting with nature, getting healthier, relaxing, socializing, and more. If your property has an amazing view, or it’s simply under a beautiful sky, building an exterior restroom surely won’t disappoint.

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