Thinking about your Outdoor Enclosure

Outdoor Shower Company is known for the manufacturing of outdoor showers, peripherals, and hardware. We specialize in pipes, faucets, nozzles, and more, but there’s more to a shower than just the parts that spray water. You may want an outdoor enclosure to go with it. Today we’ll be discussing some ideas on how to go about building one for your home.


Just because the shower is outside, doesn’t mean that people walking around should see it. By using design choices, showers can be hidden very effectively. One way to do this would be by taking advantage of what’s already there. A niche in the outside wall could make an excellent bathing or storage area. Expanding this with elements already seen around the house is a great way to build an outdoor enclosure.

Another idea that’s becoming increasingly popular is optimizing your landscaping with your shower in mind. This doesn’t necessarily mean redoing your entire yard, of course. Hanging gardens, plants, trees, and shrubs are all wonderful materials that can add a touch of nature and privacy to your shower.


Like any bathroom remodeling project, an outdoor enclosure for a shower should be planned out very carefully. Is there a way to install lighting if it doesn’t already exist in that spot? Is there a storage space for towels, soaps, and other essentials? Perhaps you want to have a seat in your shower. Before building a new outdoor bathroom, make sure to keep all of these things in mind.

Go Local

We encourage our customers to work with local plumbers to order our kits, and likewise, we hope you hire contractors who operate in your home area to build whatever enclosures and structures you’ll need. It’s important that we support each other, keeping money circulating in the neighborhood. 

At Outdoor Shower Company, we make it a point to work with the people working on your projects. This ensures the best possible results when the work is done. Let us know who your craftspeople are, and we’ll make sure that they install our kits to your specifications. 

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