Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

When building an outdoor bathroom, a outdoor privacy screen is essential. The number one concern of bathing outside is giving an accidental show to the neighbors. Here are a few ideas for outdoor privacy screens:

Using mesh

outdoor privacy screen

Using mesh is an excellent way to make original out of the box privacy walls. Just use two mesh walls to trap the desired object in between them. You can use wood logs, stones, plants, bottles, the only limit is your imagination.

outdoor privacy screen

Frosted glass

Using frosted glass as a outdoor privacy screen in conjunction with an aluminum or stainless steel frame is a very modern and clean aesthetic. It also allows for engravings of company logos on it, which can be a cool way to promote your business.


outdoor privacy screen

Wood designs are pretty much unlimited. You can create intricate woven designs or a simple horizontal or vertical straight design. You can carve or wood-burn beautiful designs to adorn your outdoor privacy screen wall if it’s made of wood.

Hedge fence

Using a beautiful well kept hedge fence to provide privacy to your outdoor bathroom can make it really unique. Even thou it requires heavy maintenance. If you are looking for a green, natural look, this is the one for you.

Stainless steel

outdoor privacy screen

Using stainless steel can look very modern and sleek. It’s also low maintenance and highly durable. Also, you can paint it to whichever color you prefer, so it better suits your aesthetic. You can also engrave it or use a CNC plasma cutter to make intricate cutout designs.


A cheap and good looking solution. Bamboo has been used in outdoor bathrooms since the dawn of time. The reasons are simple: it is relatively cheap, easy to install, fairly beautiful, low maintenance, and durable. It all comes down to whether you like the look or not.

We hope this guide helps you decide how you want to ensure your privacy at your outdoor bathroom. If you want to install an outdoor shower, you can check out our catalog here as well.

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