Outdoor Shower Company History

Garage Roots and Growing

Outdoor Shower Company is celebrating our 20th year of being in business! Starting out, we worked out of our garage assembling outdoor showers and there have been numerous changes throughout the years. Now, we have a large facility that can accommodate all of the equipment and employees needed to fabricate, produce, and ship our shower units. At the beginning of 2010, we changed the name of our company from The Pool Shower to Outdoor Shower Company, LLC, in order to better define our product line. We have been devoted to designing and manufacturing stainless steel showers that will endure harsh outdoor environments while meeting the highest standards of customer service since 1999!

First OSC Products

Van Forrester, the owner and developer of Outdoor Shower Company, searched extensively for an outdoor shower unit that would be suitable for hotel pool projects. His plumbing company was responsible for many places in the Atlanta area, but he couldn’t find a product that met their needs. Van started his own research when he realized that there was not a company that manufactured showers specifically defined for outdoor use. By studying the design, materials, and dimensions needed in order to comply with American Disability Act Guidelines and the newly adopted CDC Health Code requirements requiring showers at every public pool and water venue (see latest version of MAHC guidelines here), Van was able to come up with an an innovative new product.

Van decided to put together a shower unit that was easy to install, attractive, and met all guidelines established by the construction industry. After realizing that other plumbing contractors also had a need for outdoor showers, Van set out to obtain a patent and set up the manufacturing process for his new product. With assistance from friends and family, the idea began to spread rapidly!

At that time, Van had no idea that one day this product would make it possible to establish a family business. With a lot of hard work, prayer, and determination, family members pitched in with the common goal of spreading the word. We all worked together to let the world know that these shower units were available to both residential and commercial customers. This work continues to pay off. Outdoor Shower Company now has 12 employees, close to 100 manufacturer representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada, and more than 2,000 distributors.

Manufacturing, Supply and Distribution

The first showers we produced were cold water free standing and wall mount showers that offered a hose bibb, ADA metered push valves, and/or foot shower. Outdoor Shower Company now offers more than 300 shower units, valves, and accessories, that include hot & cold water options, drinking fountains, pull chain valves, multiple shower heads, and a large selection of 1” to 13” shower heads.

In 2010, Outdoor Shower Co. became exclusive distributors in the United States and Canada for a company in the Netherlands that also produces stainless steel showers and fixtures. In addition to outdoor showers, we now provide stainless steel hose bibbs, straight valves, angle valves, thermostatic valves, shower heads, and hot & cold valves for our customers. When stainless steel parts are not available and chrome plated brass accessories are used on our shower units, they are top-quality commercial grade that have been tested and proven to withstand all outdoor environments and conditions.

In 2012, Outdoor Shower Company became exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributors for Fontealta, an Italian company that has been manufacturing showers since 1998. These exquisite 316 marine grade stainless steel products present a new form of expression for any residential or commercial setting where ultimate quality is essential. Fontealta’s collection offers over 200 items with a wide variety of designs and features that will enhance any outdoor setting. This company uses only the very best materials so their products can withstand many years in harsh environments containing chlorine and salt water.

Continued Growth and Development

Outdoor Shower Company, LLC has a strong desire to provide customers with the highest quality product available and is committed to excellent performance and reliability. The assembly, production, and shipment of each shower is supervised at our manufacturing facility which has recently expanded to include all phases of production.

As the need for outdoor showers has become both a luxury and a necessity, Outdoor Shower Company has gained recognition as a practical and affordable shower unit because of its versatility. Showers can be designed for special settings and even modified for difficult and out of the ordinary structures. These showers have been installed in prestigious facilities throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. There are also installations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, the Bahamas, and throughout the Caribbean.

Outdoor Shower Company is specified by architects and engineers for many hotels, resorts, condominiums, country clubs, apartment complexes, water parks, cruise ships, recreational facilities, and homeowners. Designers, builders, contractors and developers are thrilled when they discover these quality showers for their residential and commercial clients. The goal of The Outdoor Shower Company, LLC is to continue to provide excellent service, manufacture the highest quality products available, and continuously exceed the expectations of customers.

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