Outdoor Shower Company’s Innovation in the Industry

Outdoor Shower Company is the premier producer of outdoor showers in the United States. It is our mission to provide the highest quality showers and accessories to residential and commercial customers. We aim to provide the best for our clients through innovation, and that goes all the way back to our roots.

Our Beginnings


Van Forrester was the owner of a pluming company that worked primarily with hotels. In the late 1990’s he noticed that outdoor showers were usually rigged together by plumbers using pool materials. He discovered that there were no companies in the US that specifically made outdoor showers and by 1999 had founded the Pool Shower, Inc., which would become Outdoor Shower Company, LLC in 2010.

To kickstart the business, Van researched design, materials, and dimensions for outdoor showers. It was important that they complied with American Disability Act Guidelines and CDC Health Code requirements because of the e-coli breakout at White Water. He built cleanliness and sanitation right into the design.



When other plumbing companies saw what Van and his family were doing with the outdoor shower innovation designs, they wanted to team up. Van patented the manufacturing process and established distribution contracts with other companies. What started with a small number of five distributors grew steadily over time. Today, the Outdoor Shower Company has over 2,000 contracts with other companies.

New Designs


Our outdoor shower innovation didn’t end with the first outdoor showers that Van built. Throughout our history, we’ve made it a point to meet and exceed customer requests. When Georgia Tech’s camping area in Savannah was installing their showers, they asked for a hot/cold valve. It didn’t exist, so Van invented it by modifying an existing faucet. A customer in California needed a hot/cold wall mount shower to save space. Van created one by flipping a kitchen sink valve. He even invented a shower curtain that extended upwards.

In his mission to provide excellent outdoor showers that met specifications, Van was able to make his company bigger and better.

Where We Are Now


The Outdoor Shower Company has grown beyond Van Forrester’s wildest dreams as a family company. Through hard work, faith, and help from family and friends, he ensured that his company would be at the forefront of the outdoor shower industry.

Today we have thousands of distribution contracts all over the world. We’ve prided ourselves on our own innovations in the industry, and welcome new additions to our product line if they meet our exacting requirements. Fontealta, an Italian shower company, chose us as their US distributor and the partnership has been incredible for both businesses, and our customers.

We look forward to seeing where the outdoor shower industry will go in the future.

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