Outdoor shower curtains, do you need one?

When building an outdoor shower, many wonder whether or not it needs curtains. It mostly depends on your house location its user’s hobbies.

If your outdoor shower is on a beach house or by a pool and its intended to be used with a swimsuit on, then you most likely don’t need an outdoor shower curtain. If it is close to trails where you often use your dirt bike or go hiking, then taking a full shower outside the house could be beneficial. Being able to get completely naked to get properly cleaned up without entering the house can help you keep your home clean. It all depends on what you intend to use it for.

Curtain vs. enclosure

An important thing you’ve got to consider is whether you prefer a curtain or an enclosure. An enclosure is sturdier, but it is considerably more expensive and less movable. A curtain can be easily removed in the winter months, where no sane person would want to shower outside.

Installing an enclosure is a more permanent commitment. Most can be disassembled and reassembled but take considerable more effort than outdoor shower curtains.

Materials for outdoor shower curtains

When you’ve decided you definitely want a curtain, you then have to decide which material you want it made of. Each material has its pros and cons, so here we will give you a shortlist to help you choose.

There are basically three options:

  • Plastic: The cheapest option and one of the more durable ones. Plastic can endure the punishments from the elements more than other materials. It can have very stylish designs or boats and beach balls drawings aimed at children.
  • Canvas: High-quality canvas is very durable and water-resistant. It is also heavy, which can be an advantage in windy weather.
  • Silk: If your outdoor bathroom has a roof, you can use silk curtains. Silk wouldn’t last very long under constant sunlight. It’s definitely the most elegant option but also the least durable. Silk is not waterproof, so it would be a good idea to use a liner. Although delicate, silk outdoor shower curtains provide a very sophisticated aesthetic.

Outdoor shower kits

Some outdoor shower manufacturers sell kits that come with the outdoor shower and a minimalist structure that allows you to hang curtains. These kits take a lot less space than building an enclosure, and some are even easy to transport and store when summers over.

Temporary privacy for outdoor bathrooms

Curtains can also be useful for outdoor bathrooms. They allow you to get naked, get in your bathtub, and then open the curtains to enjoy the view without risking exposing yourself to your neighbors.

A pulley system can be installed to allow you to open and close the curtains while sitting in the bathtub. That way, you don’t depend on another person to help you get in the tub. Bathing with a beautiful view of nature can be incredibly relaxing, and we can’t recommend it enough.

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