Outdoor Shower Facility Expansion

We here at Outdoor Shower Co. are excited to share that we have recently completed an expansion on our current manufacturing facility! We decided to expand in order to better accommodate our growing business, stock more products and inventory, improve working conditions, and ultimately better serve our customers!

In the fall of 2018, we began a small expansion to our existing building and finished work on the space in February of this year. We added more warehouse space and were able to expand the office footprint into a small part of the shipping area. Our office team added personnel in 2017 and while we enjoy working closely with one another, this has given us some much-needed elbow room. 

Increased Inventory and Product Storage

Our original space has served us really well for the past nine years. Recently, the demand for our high quality products led to the need to stock more inventory and expand our working space and our office space. As distributors for companies in both the Netherlands and Italy, we are now able to keep more products on hand and rapidly prepare them for shipping when we receive orders. We have even developed a system to utilize the vertical space with additional shelving and an upstairs storage area, giving us room for continued growth.

In addition to the building expansion, the installation of central heating and air conditioning has improved working conditions for everyone. This upgrade has been especially great for our welders, fabricators, machinists and shipping department. We have been able to divide our space more effectively to improve our work environment and processes. 

Continued Growth for Outdoor Shower Company

Outdoor Shower company was founded with innovation in mind and we are always searching for ways to better serve our customers. We also work to serve everyone that we interact with, including our manufacturer representatives, staff and distributors. This small expansion has made a big impact on our ability to do just that. We are beyond excited about all of the benefits this new space and improved process will continue to bring to our company and our clients!

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