Outdoor Shower Ideas

When you take a shower in your own home, it’s usually to serve one of a few purposes. Everyone takes a shower to get clean. Many people take showers to relax. Putting the shower outside, however, opens up a world of possibilities. Here are some outdoor shower ideas for your consideration.

The most obvious function of an outdoor shower is cleaning yourself or someone else before they bring dirt into the house. Small children and pets are the prime example of things that need to be washed before dirt and mud find their way into your home. Adults who work out on the property could also use a good rinse after their gardening or hike. We provide many different kinds of showers for this purpose.

A good shower idea for these people would be one that pours out hot and cold water. An overhead faucet is nice, but a handheld one is nicer, as well as one at the foot level. This gives a quick outdoor rinse a level of dignity for the whole family that you don’t get when someone is spraying someone else with the garden hose. We even sell attachments to connect a hose to the shower, sharing the plumbing between two devices.

There are also places you might put an outdoor shower that would change the functionality. Your deck might be a great place for the example above. You could have one attached to or near your pool house for rinsing off after a swim. Another outdoor shower idea is to have one installed near a grill for cleaning off cooking utensils. Your mud rooms and entrances could also benefit from having a shower nearby – as we mentioned earlier, pets and children get dirty. With autumn here, it would be a great idea to wash off your pumpkins, squashes, and gourds in a larger area than your sink before cutting them up.

As we talked about in a recent blog post, many people are also building their primary showers outside. There’s a fresh feeling when you wash yourself out in nature, and we have many different fixtures to make it happen. We also work with contractors and plumbers to make sure that your design fits your vision. It’s amazing what a good view adds to something as basic as a shower. Our customers often talk about a refreshing and freeing feeling that our products provide.

Enough about us though. We want to hear your outdoor shower ideas. Send us pictures of your setups, and they may be featured on our site!

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