Outdoor Shower Location Ideas

There are many places that can benefit from having an outdoor shower. Here we’ll tell you which places would benefit the most and all outdoor shower ideas we have.

Pool sides

This one is the most obvious one. If you want to keep your pool clean and safe from harmful bacteria, every swimmer should shower before jumping in.

Swimmers sweat, body lotions, perfume, everything they bring into the pool alters its PH levels. This will make your pool harder to maintain, which is not ideal.

The CDC heavily recommends that you shower before jumping in as well to prevent deceases like E.coli, which are transmitted by the introduction of fecal matter or urine into pools.

Waterfront property

Any property close to a body of water will probably see its occupants engaging in some sort of water sport. Whether it is kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, surfing or diving, its always nice to have a place where you can rinse off the saltwater, or even lake water. It is also useful to clean your gear after you are done enjoying your favorite watersport.

Boat docks or boathouses

Arriving at your dock after a long fishing trip would be so much more pleasant if you could clean yourself and your fishing gear before going to your car. Nobody likes getting into a car that smells like catfish. An outdoor shower would be the perfect solution here. And, if it’s equipped with a hose bib attachment, it could be used to clean the blood and gore off the boat.

Properties with or near large outdoor areas

Being near water or pools isn’t the only reason to own an outdoor shower. If you live near a house with land, or near the great outdoors, odds are you will take up some sort of outdoor activity. Hiking, driving a dirt bike, hunting, mountain biking, etc. They all have one thing in common; you get dirty real fast.

After a long hike getting home and getting everything dirty or muddy is the last thing you want. Installing an outdoor shower can allow you to keep the dirt outside the house. Also, you can also use it to clean the mud off of your boots, whether it’s hiking boots or dirt biking boots.

An outdoor shower to keep your home clean can be a great investment, especially if you have carpet flooring. It can also avoid a lot of conflict in the household.

Outdoor gyms

Whether residential or commercial, outdoor gyms can really benefit from an outdoor shower. Just build a proper enclosure or a privacy screen so that users can change afterward. There’s something about showering under the summer sun that’s very relaxing.

Outdoor showers will always be a fine addition wherever outdoor activities are performed. Whether it is to keep your pool, your house, or your gear clean, outdoor showers bring a lot to the table. If you would like to shop for high-quality outdoor showers today, you can browse our catalog right here.

If you need ideas on how to build a beautiful outdoor shower enclosure, you can see our guide here. Do you have any ideas for outdoor shower locations that we didn’t mention here? Let us know in the comments below.

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