Outdoor Shower, Should You Get One?

There are many reasons to own an outdoor shower ranging from utilitarian to therapeutical. If you are even considering whether or not to get one, then odds are you’d probably enjoy owning one. 


Owning a pool takes a lot of maintenance, and if mishandled, it could lead to severe illnesses and infections for its users.

One of the main reasons to own an outdoor shower is to help you keep your pool clean of germs and impurities brought along by every new swimmer that jumps in; after all, you wouldn’t reuse someone else’s bathwater so why would you needlessly share your germs with your friends.

The medical concern is significant enough that the CDC strongly urges everyone to shower before jumping in a pool to avoid diseases.

Preventing rashes and dryness

Owning a beachfront property gives you tons of reasons to own an outdoor shower. When you and your family are done swimming in the ocean, you can use it to rinse off the salt crystals, and sand which will help you avoid rashes and skin dryness as well as chafing.

Cleaning your gear before storing it



If you enjoy water sports like surfing or paddleboarding, a shower with a hand spray or a hose bibb can help you clean your gear before storing it, which will prevent corrosion.

Those living near the beach aren’t the only ones with reasons to own an outdoor shower. Rural America has plenty of hobbies that could benefit from an outdoor shower. Hiking and biking can get you very dirty, and what kid doesn’t enjoy driving their dirtbike through the mud?

An outdoor shower with a privacy screen can be a godsend to help keep mud and dirt off of the house, after all, avoiding a family argument over who stained the new carpet with their muddy boots can bring you priceless peace of mind.



Most people don’t realize how relaxing bathing outdoors can be, taking in all of nature’s beauty while drinking a glass of wine and decompressing can almost be considered a religious experience. 

Owners of properties with incredible vistas rarely take full advantage of them. Build yourself an outdoor bath, get it warm, and soak in it for a few hours, and we guarantee you’ll emerge from it as a new person.


Whether it’s for hygiene, comfort, or relaxation, outdoor showers bring a lot to the table. They are very useful for many different types of people, from hikers to surfers to DIY enthusiasts, almost anybody could benefit from an outdoor shower.

If we’ve convinced you that you need one, then here’s a list of the best models for 2019.

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