Simple Backyard Showers: What You Need to Know

Simple backyard showers are a great way to get the family outside and have fun in the sun. It is also a perfect time for everyone to reconnect with one another, away from their busy lives. In this post, we discuss what simple backyard showers are, how they work, and where you can find them as well as why wintertime is an ideal time to plan for your first or next backyard shower.

What Is A Simple Backyard Shower?

A simple backyard shower is a structure that can be placed in your backyard and used to take showers. It can either be permanent or portable, and typically has a roof, walls, a floor, and plumbing fixtures. Some models even come with hot water tanks so you can enjoy a warm shower outdoors!

How Simple Backyard Showers Work

There are a few different types of simple backyard showers. The most popular option is the gravity-fed shower. This type of shower uses a tank that is mounted on a high point, such as the roof of your house. Gravity pulls the water from the tank and through the showerhead and down to the ground.

Another option is the solar-powered shower. These showers work by using the sun’s energy to heat up the water inside of a black bag or container. As the water warms, it is released through a showerhead and into the shower stall or area.

The third option is an off-the-grid shower. This type of shower is powered by a small generator or battery that is connected to the showerhead.

Backyard Shower Designs/Types

There are a few different designs to choose from when it comes to backyard showers. The two most popular types are wall-mounts and stand-alone showers.

Wall mount shower heads are typically installed on a structure in the exterior of a home and use gravity to feed the water down to the shower. They may be attached to the house itself or to another outdoor structure.

Stand-alone showers, as the name suggests, can be used anywhere in your backyard and do not require much for installation. They simply need to be connected to a water source and turned on.

Installation Tips for a Simple Backyard Shower

When installing a backyard shower, there are a few things you will need to consider. Below is a highlight of some of the most important factors:

  • Space: Make sure you have enough space to install your shower. This will vary depending on the type of shower you choose.
  • Water Source: You will need a water source close by in order to connect your showerhead.
  • Installation: Most showers are easy to install, but make sure to read the instructions carefully before beginning.
  • Privacy: If you are installing a permanent shower, consider adding privacy fencing around the area. This can also help keep your shower clean and free of debris.
  • Location of your shower: You will want to choose an area that is sunny and has good drainage. It’s also important to make sure that the area can accommodate the size of the shower you plan on installing.

Early Spring is an Ideal Time to Splash Out on a Backyard Shower

There are several reasons why spring is an ideal time to install or plan your shower. One reason is that many people start to spend more time outdoors as the weather gets warmer. A backyard shower is a perfect way to enjoy a relaxing shower outdoors after a long day outside with your family in the yard.

Another reason why spring is a great time to splash out on a backyard shower is that many municipalities offer rebates and incentives for installing outdoor showers. This can help you save a few hundred dollars on the cost of your shower.

Finally, spring is a great time to install a backyard shower because it’s before the busy summer season when many people are looking to install outdoor amenities. So, if you’re thinking about installing a simple backyard shower this year, now is the time to do it.


A simple backyard shower is a great way to enjoy the outdoors during the spring and summer months. They are easy to install, use a variety of water sources, and come in a variety of designs. When installing your shower, be sure to consider the space you have available, the location of your shower head, and if you want privacy fencing around the area.

Early spring is a great time to install a backyard shower, as many suppliers offer rebates and discounts for doing so. So, if you’re thinking about installing a shower this year, now is the time to do it.

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