The many advantages of freestanding outdoor showers

When it comes to outdoor showers, you have basically two choices to go with: either freestanding outdoor showers, or wall-mounted ones. While wall-mounted ones are usually cheaper and easier to install, freestanding outdoor showers offer a number of advantages that shouldn’t be ignored. Here we will list a few of them so you can choose which one better suits your needs.

Freestanding outdoor showers offer more customization

Freestanding showers are capable of mounting more accessories than their wall-mounted counterparts. They can be equipped with hose bibs, drinking fountains, multiple foot showers, or hand sprays. Wall showers can equip some of those, but they have less space, so they are usually limited to one or two accessories while freestanding ones can have multiple of each.

Freestanding outdoor showers can be equipped with multiple showerheads

A single freestanding shower can have up to 4 shower heads. This is really convenient for places with heavy traffic and little space. This allows freestanding outdoor showers to use your available space very efficiently.

If, for example, the shower is on a beach, you can get one with two shower heads and four foot showers. Since a lot of people just want to wash their feet before getting in their cars, this is a good compromise that allows it to handle a lot of traffic while having a lower budget.

Wooden floors

Freestanding outdoor showers come in a variety of forms. They can be a single stainless steel tube raising from the floor, or they can have wooden floors that serve as a nice decoration and can be movable. Some designs even use a PVC tube that functions as a water tank which heats water using sunlight. Here’s a guide on how to build one yourself.

Having the option to use different woods for the base allows you to tweak your shower’s aesthetic to fit your home.

They can offer mobility

Freestanding showers can be built on movable platforms like wood tiles. This allows you to put your freestanding outdoor shower away for the winter months and taking out during the summer. All you need to do is connect it to a hose, and you are ready to go.

This also allows you to move it if you decide you’d like it to be somewhere else. That way, if you decide to expand your pool you don’t have to tear down walls, you just need a buddy to help you drag it to its new destination.

Freestanding outdoor showers offer more versatility

The fact that it doesn’t need a wall to support it gives you a lot of choices regarding placement. They are small and unobtrusive, so they can be placed virtually anywhere so long as a hose can reach it.

It also allows you to build a complete enclosure of any material you’d like. You don’t have to worry about the enclosure looking good attached to your house’s wall. You can build a frosted glass enclosure in the middle of your garden if you like.

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