What is a pallet shower?

With the world moving ever closer to green technology, it is everyone’s duty to be as ecofriendly as possible. Reusing old pallets to build beautiful things at home is the new trend. Pallets are used to build everything from coffee tables to furniture and yes, also pallet shower enclosures.


You can build your whole backyards aesthetic using wooden pallets as a theme. They are cheap, and in some cases, you can find used ones for free. You can use them for nearly everything, picnic tables, fences, wall decoration, couches, etc. It is a great way to decorate your garden while being financially responsible and ecofriendly.

The durability of a pallet shower

Pallets are made to take a beating, so they aren’t delicate. However, they are made of wood, which means that rain will eventually damage it beyond repair. You can extend its life by waterproofing it with tung oil, varnish, or lacker. The low price means that replacing them every couple of years isn’t cost-prohibitive, so it’s still worth it in our opinion.

You can use the whole pallet or just strip the wood and use it by itself. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and dedication.

Rustic aesthetic

They can be used as a privacy screen or a fence as well

While it certainly isn’t for everybody, a backyard decorated with pallets gives your home a rustic and homey feeling. Reusing and recycling is great for the environment, and helping the planet is always a good thing.

Using pallets to build your outdoor shower enclosure is a great way to save money and still get a nice looking product. It is also a great conversation piece and a fun DIY product to do with friends and family.

If you are looking to install an outdoor shower in your backyard, you can browse our catalog here.

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