Cedar outdoor showers, what makes them so special

There are many materials to build a good looking outdoor shower and its enclosure, but if you are going to use wood cedar is the way to go. Cedar outdoor showers look great, they are incredibly durable and even smell nice. Here are the reasons why when it comes to outdoor showers, cedar is king.

Cedar outdoor shower is naturally waterproof

Cedar is remarkably resilient to the elements. That’s a great feature to have on wood that’s going to sit outside continuously for years. Cedar contains natural oils that help it endure the onslaught mother nature throws at it on a daily basis.

Bug repeller

Those very same oils that help it resist water and sun damage also repel many types of insects. If that’s isn’t enough, it has the added benefit of smelling very pleasant to us humans. The smell is very intense, and the same oils also help it resist fungal growths and decay in general.

Aging and weathering makes it look better

Most things look worse as time eats away at its original beauty. But cedar isn’t like most things, if you decide not to paint it, it will gradually weather into a beautiful shade of silver.

Cedar outdoor showers outstanding durability

It is very durable, and it’s resistant to warping and sagging. Cedar furniture has been known to endure for several decades before decaying. It beats most other woods by order of magnitude.

Cedar is a good insulator

Cedar has air pockets inside its grain, which helps it regulate its temperature. This is great for your shower’s floor since, even on the hottest days, stepping on it will not burn your feet.


While cedar isn’t exactly cheap, its considerably cheaper than other woods that can fulfill the same roles while looking as good. Woods like teak are more expensive than cedar, and while it has a little more durability than cedar, it’s debatable whether or not the increased durability justified the significant price difference.

If you plan to build a cedar outdoor shower, then you can browse our catalog for beautiful outdoor showers to go along with your awesome wooden enclosure.

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